Tea Appreciation & Craftsmanship Workshop

Welcome to our Tea Appreciation and Craftsmanship Workshop. We offer an immersive experience in the art of tea. Expand your knowledge and indulge in the beauty of its history, practice and undeniable charm. Our workshop combines a variety of tea blends and intricacies in their preparation and originated tea-making techniques.

Our mission is to foster friendship through tea. We aim to learn knowledge and life skills while appreciating and tasting tea, and to cultivate friendships with like-minded individuals. We collaborate with experts from various fields and brands to regularly organise workshop & events.

The workshops would be:

1. Arts Talk and Appreciation

2. Craftsmanship: leather handbag making & repair; Jewellery Appreciation & making etc.

3. DIY skin care

4. Herbs and Health

5. Home Care Products DIY

6. Art Of Coffee Making

7. Art Of Chinese Tea Appreciation 8. Art Of Japanese Tea Appreciation

And more…